Why WordPress?

WordPress is the website platform of choice for over 20% of all websites worldwide, from individual writers and artists selling their wares to large corporations. In 2014 that amounted to 74.6 million websites. If that many commercial websites depend on the WordPress platform, what do companies like The New Yorker, Sony Music, and Best Buy know that you don’t know? The advantages to having and maintaining a WordPress site are many.

Superior Content Management System

  • You maintain complete control of your website via a CMS with a user-friendly interface and very shallow learning curve. This means you don’t need to call the IT department or a web developer every time you want to update or add content to your website.

Built-in SEO

  • Up-to-date Search Engine Optimization is built-in. Great additional SEO tools can be easily added.

eCommerce Friendly

  • A WordPress site can easily be expanded to include many popular ecommerce solutions like WooCommerce and Shopify, as well as marketing solutions like MailChimp and Google Analytics. It all just plugs into your website.

Robust Site Security

  • Safe and secure website management, with added layers of security protection only a plugin installation away.

Code Stability

  • WordPress is a proven platform based on PHP server-side scripting language and MySQL databases. This code paradigm is robust, open-source, and infinitely customizable to your personal business needs.

OS/Platform Agnostic

  • With a browser-based interface, use of WordPress is possible on any operating system or device that has a web browser. So it doesn’t matter if you use Windows, OS X, or Linux at home, you can still access and update your website. With the right choice of theme, your website can even be displayed with versions customized to be automatically viewed on both desktop and mobile devices.