Website Design Gallery

Dynamic website design, eye-catching graphics, and highly customized WordPress themes are what unite these client websites created by Mudpuppy Multimedia. Whether your website needs to feature an online storefront, galleries of your work, or even a podcast feed, we’ve got you covered in style.

Lesser Gnome Games

Lesser Gnome is a small independent game publisher that needed a professional online presence shortly after a successful kickstarter, and they needed the work done on a tight budget. Mudpuppy Multimedia built the website and eStore for Lesser Gnome, and added all the necessary connectivity to social media, RSS feeds, MailChimp, and connectivity to existing blogs — everything required to make updates and marketing a seamless and automated experience. | Client Testimonial

Lesser Gnome Games


Bryan Smart – Author and Narrator

Author and Narrator Bryan Smart needed a centralized web presence with which to promote his upcoming books with the Ed Greenwood group, as well as his work as a narrator for in the audiobook field. Mudpuppy Multimedia provided him with a dual-purpose website platform that accomplished both missions, along with a built-in blog, easy content management system, and social media integration — all wrapped up in a smart, professional bow. | Client Testimonial


Wild Games Productions Network

Wild Games Productions is a prominent network of tabletop gaming podcasts. As part of a campaign to give three of their top in-house podcasts a new and unifying web presence, they engaged Mudpuppy Multimedia to create three separate customized WordPress themes that shared a unified look and feel. These website redesigns included new logo designs, podcast feed and blubrry intergration, and WGP network identification branding. | | www.thacoshammer.infoClient Testimonial


Website Design Demos

The follow website designs are proof-of-concept demos for Mudpuppy Multimedia clients.

Orion Medical Technologies



Goodman Games



Reach Surgical

Reach Surgical



Past Clients

Center Stage Miniatures LLC

Center Stage Miniatures’ website needed a redesigned look and feel that had to wrap around a proprietary (and non-Wordpress) CMS and eStore. Mudpuppy Multimedia coded and deployed the website make-over live without a single minute’s interruption in the eCommerce portion of the site. We also designed their new logo!